Introduction: Steampunk Guitar Art( Moonshine Dispenser)

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This is just a short Ible about repurposing old Guitars. A guitar that can’t be played anymore still has a place as a great piece of art.

It’s starts with a guitar and a passion for Steampunk.

To me when thinking about a design it’s was simple. The guitar was a vessel and covered in copper it would resemble a still. So then, it was how could I make it really work. Well you can’t light a fire under it so it had to be a holder,dispenser. Then of course Moonshine is often sold in Mason Jars so then I knew it would need a Large Jar with a tap. So you see a simple idea can just keep rolling you just have to go for it!

Guitar Moonshine Dispenser Still

Step 1: Getting Things Together.

Old Guitar

A plan ( What is your style?) ( What do you want it turned into?)

Start collecting items.

Copper flashing

Copper fittings


Any thing is game

Soldering iron


Nails or tacks



Copper,brass,steel wire

Metal tape



The list goes on.

I used old gauges and lots of old copper and brass items.

Step 2: Putting It Together

This was my Moonshine Dispenser/ Steampunk Still

I wanted to use a Mason Jar inside so it could House the Liquor.

I drilled a hole and put in a stainless steel spigot.

Then it was just a matter of cutting into the guitar to accommodate the Jar.

After this task,it was time to start laying down the copper flashing,cutting it up to piece it together. I cut strips of sheeting a 1.5” wide and folded the edges in a 1/4” this made my seam strips that I tracked down with copper racks and then soldered. This can be done irregular because it is an art piece.

I tracked down all the edges and took a small ball nosed hammer and just started beating.

This can be quite loud but very fun. No perfection here.

The next steps are just laying out the design based on what you have collected.

I didn’t take pics of all of this because it’s really simple and different for us all. I drilled holes for pipe fittings and glued with epoxy. Coiled copper and made a hatch to lay over the Mason Jar. Hinges and a hasp we’re added.

This helps hold the jar in place.

From there it was all about layering. The finishing touches were resin in a tube to resemble liquid and alcohol ink to color the copper and antique, Enamel-it for my lettering and that’s it.

Just have fun ,this could have very well been a violin, drum etc. Just make it fun.

Step 3: Finished Steampunk Style

Thank you!

Once again this is just to inspire you to take something left behind and give it new life.

This piece was donated to the Healing Box Project for Local Disabled Veterans, using the art of music to heal.

Step 4: More Pictures.