Introduction: Guitar Hero Phone Jack [RJ11] Foot Pedal Mod

This guide will show you how to connect any foot pedal to your Guitar Hero Guitar using the RJ11 Phone Jack port and a RJ11 Phone Cable. In this example, I am using a Wii Les Paul guitar.

For those of you with a USB pedal that can be mapped to a keyboard key, this does not apply to you, but can still be done as long as you can find the solder points for the actual switch.

The concept here is to use the switch/button in the foot pedal to act as the select button on the guitar. USB Power or data is not needed here. Just a simple two wire (+ -) connection from the pedal's switch/button to the select button (using the RJ11 Phone Jack).


- RJ11 or RJ45 keystone

- Ethernet Cable

- T10 Torx driver

- Soldering Iron + Solder

- Hot Glue Gun + Hot Glue

- Wire Strippers + Wires Cutters

Step 1: Preparing the RJ11 Phone Jack in the Guitar

I am using a Wii Les Paul for this project. I have heard that the GHWT guitars do not need this step performed as the RJ11 jack is wired to the select button circuit. I do not have one so I am unable to confirm.

1. After opening the guitar, Remove the RJ11 port and flip it upside down to reveal the 4 solder points of the connector.

2. Solder together the two joints on the right side as seen in the photo. I just used a solder blob, but you could run short wire if you prefer.

*Soldering these together is necessary because we need the middle two wires to be active in order for the switch to properly activate SP. If you look at how the RJ11 port is attached to the board, one of the wires is not traveling on the second path leading to the wires solder point.

3. Now, remove the hot glue from the pins on the strum bar board. De-solder the wires from the strum bar board.

4. Solder these wires down to pin 1 and 3 of the Start/Select buttons on the board. Polarity does not matter here.

Step 2: Soldering the RJ11 or RJ45 Keystone to the Foot Pedal

This process will slightly vary depending on your foot pedal. My pedal is an Olympus RS27 that was laying around. This is a USB pedal, but unfortunately it does not support keyboard mapping which led me to this mod.

1. Take your RJ11 or RJ45 keystone (I am using RJ45), strip the ethernet cable and punch down the wires.

2. Open your foot pedal and locate the switch/button. There should be two connection points on the switch.

2a. Some switches have 2 wires coming from them. These could be used in the next step if preferred.

3. Strip your ethernet cable + wires and solder the blue wire to one point and the blue/white wire to the other point.

3a. Or if you use the wires coming from the switch, twist one wire with the blue ethernet wire, and the other with the white/blue ethernet wire. I would still put a little bit of solder on it so it doesn't come apart.

4. Now connect your RJ11 cable to the keystone and the guitar and TEST.

5. Once you confirm it is working, you can finalize the wiring. (If you choose)

a. I trimmed the extra wires from the ethernet cable inside the pedal.

b. Hot glue the cable down for some support and hot glue the solder connections if you want.

6. Route your cable to exit the foot pedal and close up your pedal

I included some videos of examples of people repairing their Guitar Hero/Rock Band foot pedals. This should show you how the wires would be soldered to the switch/button. I wrote this up after I did it, so I apologize for not having step by step photos. Feel free to reach out if help is needed.