Introduction: Gum Resistor Sheet for Under Desks

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The bane of all teacher's existences... GUM! This intractable will go over the simple, easy, and useful solution to such an irritating problem. I invented this Anti-Gum Sheet to keep classrooms more organized and sanitary.

Problem: Gum is constantly chewed and stuck under desks, especially in schools where it is not allowed. This is very unclean, annoying, and GROSS.

Solution: Introducing the Anti-Gum Sheet! This easy make and install Anti-Gum Sheet will make it so no gum is stuck under desks! Additionally, the sheet is wax paper, causing it to be hard to even stick a piece of gum on the sheet and making it easy to replace the sheet or remove the gum from the sheet.


• Wax Paper (The secret sauce revealed!!)

• Painters Tape or Duct Tape

• Scissors

• Cardboard box (optional)

Step 1: Wax Paper Power

Take a sheet of wax paper slightly bigger than the size of the desk. If the desk is bigger in width than the wax paper roll, overlap a sheet.

For big classrooms, take a cardboard box and cut it to the size of the desk (round corners if rounded on desk). This will serve as a model to trace on all wax paper.

*Pro Tip - Try not to crinkle the wax paper because the smoother it is, the tighter it can cling to the bottom of the desk.

Step 2: Teacher Tape!

Take painters tape and put it on the corners of the wax paper. The younger the kid group, put more tape frequency so that the paper can stay tighter when installed, drawing less attention of the kids.

If gum is a low use problem at your school but you want to be a added precaution - meaning it will be replaced less often, then use a heavier duty tape.

Step 3: Quick Install - Easy Take Off

Now take your newly made Anti-Gum sheet and press it onto the desk. The tighter the sheet, the longer lasting the sheet will be. Removal is as easy as it sounds, just pull of the tape!

I hope this shall help other teachers all over, curing the gum under desk sickness.

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