Gumdrop Ball Ornaments - EASY & FESTIVE

Introduction: Gumdrop Ball Ornaments - EASY & FESTIVE

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Learn how to make these festive Gumdrop Ball Ornaments with Annelise and Julia. They look so cheerful hanging on your Christmas tree or over the dining room table! Happy Crafting!

You will need:
Gumdrops (available at most grocery stores, we found ours at The Dollar Tree)

Styrofoam ball (any size you like but they get heavy so only choose a smaller ball if you want to hang it on your tree)

Hot glue OR toothpicks

Ribbon for hanging (optional)

Ball pin OR thumbtack for attaching ribbon

*Tips: If you want to be able to eat the gumdrops, use toothpicks to attach them. We read that they can be stored in the freezer or sealed tightly in a container, but we haven’t tried either method. Being made of sugar, storing them may invite bugs. Since they are so easy and inexpensive to make, we recommend tossing them and making new ones each year. And remember, these pretty ornaments make terrific gifts!

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    6 years ago

    Cool Instructable! I think I will make some Gumdrop balls. I really love them! And you're right, this is a terrific gift :) Sure my family (addicted to candy) will love them. Thanks for sharing it.

    I really love your rats eating noodles, they are so adorable!


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thank you, Kozmicblues69!! We still have ours hanging, long after Christmas...they are just so colorful and fun! And yeah, watching rats eat noodles is a highlight around here. They are so cute! :)