Hello everyone, I will be showing you how to make the simplest hidey house for all types of little furry friends.

I’ve been having plenty of time on my hands as everyone knows now. (Covid-19) I had initially built my beloved pup a new diy bed, but I didn’t want to lay it flat on the ground for it to get all dirty. That’s when I got the brilliant idea of building a diy hiddy house for her.

F.Y.I this is my very first instructable so I took plenty of pictures to try to detail this project as much as possible and without further a due lets begin, I hope you enjoy!

Super simple and fun to create...


All you need is:

Ideal cardboard size box for your little furry friend to do a 360* spin (of course you can always go bigger)

A hot glue gun with silicone.

Safe pet paint (optional)



And a pair of scissors/exacto knife ✂

Step 1:

First: You want to mark off an inch up at the top of the 2 LONGER sides of the box and cut.

Step 2:

Second: Fold down up to the inch you just cut.

Step 3:

Third: Grab a 4 inch peace of cardboard and cut in half (this has to be from a seperate box of cardboard) now you have 2 pieces of 2 inch of cardboard.

Step 4:

Forth: Glue down (always be careful when handling hot glue guns they can get real hot) in the middle of the sideline like so...

This will make it more sturdy! Pin down to make it easier to dry with some clothes pins or whatever gets the job done.

Step 5:

Fifth: After the glue has dried, cut another 4 inch piece of cardboard and fold in half (from a separate box 📦) then your ready to pin up the roof of your soon to be hidy house. Glue up the piece of cardboard under the roof and pin in place./\

Step 6:

Sixth: Cut off the door with the exacto knife and glue down into the inside of the box (you can put something heavy to pin down) this step you can skip for later but I decided to do it while I let the glue dried.

Step 7:

Seventh: Now outline the sides of the cardboard according to the size of the roof like so... now do the same markings but 1/2 an inch apart from the original outlines creating a rhombus like shape at the very top and cut.

Do this for both ends of hidey house of course!

Step 8:

Eighth: Now is time for the last step. Fold down and glue upwards and inward the top of the roof, do this for both sides of hidey house.

Then you should be left off with something like this.


By now you have a perfectly stable hidey house and are basically done.

Now is time to personalize your hiddy house to your own extent(optional). I cut off two little squares on the sides of the box to mimic some windows, framed it with some wooden sticks I bought for less than a dollar.

I then went ahead and decorated the roof with a pencil first (to save me some mistakes)
I wanted to spend as less money as I could on this project so decided to use some paint I had from my arts and crafts to finalize my decor. (My cousin insisted on helping me paint so excuse the out of line painting) XD


This is how it turned out to be and I'm so happy because as you can see Manchita's is happy too and as soon as I placed it down she rushed in there inspecting everything inside and she loves it!

I also made one for Mr.Whiskers and has helped alot with litter training!

Hopefully everyone liked this idea enough to make it on their own.
Thanks and see you soon!!

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