Introduction: Work at Home Mom Productivity Tips

As a work from home mom, getting quality focused work time is a challenge. I wondered, “how to be productive at home?”, “how do other moms manage their time and have successful careers?”. Over the last year and a half working from home, I figured out a system to get my work done efficiently. Having created my own system and achieving my goals, I thought now is a good time to share my productivity tips with other work from home moms. So here goes, 8 productivity tips that will make your work from home career a success.

Step 1: Intention

Even before you set up a system to work from home efficiently, you need to set an intention. It is not just about getting work done, it is about the larger picture.

How much time can you give to your work every day? What is important in your life right now? Where does work stand in your current life situation? Once you figure out why it is important for you to work, you will stay motivated day to day. This “Why” will need to be reassessed at different points along your career trajectory.

Step 2: Make a Schedule

As a work at home mom, you will need to be friends with a schedule. I love using daily and weekly planners to plan out my day by the hour. I make weekly goals instead of daily goals so that I don’t end up with work overwhelm and have a little extra time on hand to complete tasks.

Step 3: What Do You Need to Achieve Your Goals?

After making a list of the steps needed to achieve your goals, think about what you need to achieve them. If it’s being able to work without interruptions daily for 4-5 hours, then set up a system where your child can be sent to daycare for a few hours a day or a helper can come in for a few hours a day.

Step 4: Designated Work Area

Working in your bed with a laptop is not going to help. Set up a small desk for yourself.

A designated workstation helps you focus and also helps with setting boundaries for little ones.

Step 5: Declutter

The more clutter around you in your home, on your work desk the more cluttered your thought process. Start by using minimal things in your dawy to day life and keep your workspace clean of extra things gathering dust.

When you start work in a clean and tidy space you will find your thoughts also become more organized and clear. I especially keep things like bills, magazines or novels way from my work desk. When these are on my desk, I find my mind wandering off thinking of my to-do lists or the latest article I read or how I haven’t got around to completing the book. Best is to not have such distractions on the work desk.

Step 6: Time Blocking

When I need to focus on an important task I use the time blocking technique. I work on one task for a set period of time with no distractions.

Some days I time block for 20 minutes per task. This simple activity helps me work in a more productive manner, giving my best output with focused attention. If you are home with a toddler and want to time block around the toddler’s active playtime, you can use simple activities to keep the toddler busy as you work. (Books,toys,puzzles,etc)

Step 7: Time for Breaks and Self Care

Between scheduling time for work and children, self-care takes a backseat. It is important to schedule breaks like a weekly day off and time slots for certain self care activities. Time slots can also be between breaks or lunch get a bit of exercise, reading, painting done etc. These short breaks rejuvenate and energize you to keep going.

Step 8: Vacations


(Doesn’t apply during Covid-19) Everyone needs a vacation, in my opinion at least 2 a year. Going on vacation helps you unwind, relax and come back refreshed to start again with new enthusiasm. Do not carry your work on vacation. As much as is possible automate tasks or hire someone to continue what you are doing while on leave.

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