Introduction: Ultimate DYI Glass Jar Herb!

Hello everyone, have you ever wished you could have your entire herb garden in your kitchen? Well with today’s DYI I will be showing you a simple yet fun indoor planting project that you can accomplish with things you may already have at home!


You will need:

Wooden board

Pipe clams

Glass jars

Chalkboard paint


Paint brush

Screw driver


And of course some herbs of your choice.

Step 1: Prep Your Area

Make sure that you prep your surface before painting, you can use some old newspaper or like I did an old towel.

As well make sure you have everything you need at hand when painting.

Step 2: Start Painting

We’re going to take our plank as well as the chalkboard paint and get painting.

Step 3: Screwing

Now that you have your plank painted and dried, we’re going to be attaching our pipe clams and for that you will need your screw driver and screws. You want to set them apart as evenly as possible and screw down like so!

Step 4: Jars

Now you want to tighten the caps with the same screw driver (if different end use different screw driver) like so!

I also went ahead and added an eye bolt at the top of my plank for easier hanging. (Most of these objects I used I had at home and found them to be of great benefit)

Step 5: All Done!!!

Find a place most convenient whether it is on your table top your window solo kitchen counter and fill the jars with an inch or 2 of pebbles (better drainage), as well as some soil, plant your herbs and of course name your herbs.

Now you can enjoy your glass jar herbs inside the comfort of your own home!!🥰

Step 6: Optional Step

I find this way more helpful yet a longer process.

Cut up the leaves and just leave a few up top, lay in a cup of water and after you see roots growing transfer into jar with soil.

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