Introduction: HOW TO BUILD - Lego Mech for Halo Megablocks

This is the mech when it is fully built.

Step 1: Step 1-4

First take a new bionicle body part with ball joint in middle. then put your bionicle legs of your choice on. Then take a original series bionicle body (your chosen color) and attach two red screw pieces.

Step 2: Step 5-9

Then take two medium gears and connect to screw pieces. next take a chain and attach it. ( Anywhere of your choice, Don't have to attach.) Next take a black connector and attack to right side. then attach a star wars R2 unit.

Step 3: Step 10-14

Then attach it. Next attach to back of mech. Next attach the arms (of your choice) now this is the magic part. take the cockpit of the new bionicles and attach. should look like this.

Step 4: Step 15

then place the driver (Lego won't fit) in cockpit and boom Lego mech. Thank you hope you enjoyed.