Introduction: HOW TO DO a Winter Mimi Cuff

Autumn has come, to make a beautiful sleeves not only prevent dust but also nice. The practice was not difficult, cause it is not told you to make a white bridesmaid dress, just a joke, come on and  let's try to do it.

Step 1: Folded the Cloth, Cut Into Two Pieces.

Step 2: Lace in the Middle Location. Because Cuff Don't Need That Big, So Cut Off Extra Place for Lace.

Step 3: Seaming Lace on the Top of Sleeve, Pressure From 1cm the Side of the Line. the Other One Doing the Same

Step 4: On the Other Side Will Fine Elastic Sleeve Top, Using Z - Stitch to the Car Wii Be More Beautiful.

Step 5: SEW the Side and Flipped Over.

Step 6: Fold the Cuff With 1.5cm, Sew Round, Leaving 2cm Mouth Sewn, Wearing Band for the Elastic On, Tie a Knot, Suture Hole.

Step 7: A Cuff Is Done, Beautiful Wear on Children .