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This pet house for cat,rabbit,dog and birds it's very simple and fun project to make a comfy and secure pet house for loving your loving pets.

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Step 1: Things Needed


6 x 11.5 inches wood pieces 2 inches prefer

2 x 4 by 13.5 3mm hardboard

2 x 2 by 2 feet round circle of wood or Lamination sheet ( one part will have a 10x10 vent hole)

1 x 12 by 12 net prefer tiny holes one

4 x 12 inches wood pieces for net

10x10 inches wood piece for door

10 inches wood piece for door stopper






Jigsaw (optional)




White Glue half kg

Door hinge

Door Magnet

Door knob

1.5 inches Screws = 1 Box

0.5 inches Screws = 1 Box

Step 2: Covering Upper Part

Place a net over the vent put the 12" wood pieces around it and tighten them with screws,it will be a inside part of body.

Step 3: Making Pillars

Take a upper round part and start marking a by 1 feet to 6 points ,put the door part over it and mark points on it's edges this is where door will be put when it will be ready so start making pillars from door side,put glue over the 11.5 pieces and start attaching under the marked points ,I am using nails to hold it up at place and using screws on all other pillars it's up to you to use nails in all of them or just screws.

When the upper part is ready flip it over and attach the pillars on the base part.

Step 4: Covering It Up

Place glue all over the pillars upper and base part and put hardboard over and secure it by screws.

Step 5: Making a Door and Final Touching

Take a 10" wood piece glue it from the bottom and place it under the door area, Put the door in the socket and secure it with door hinge , make a hole for door knob and tighten it over the door , place a door catcher where door close ( only for the birds )

, The basic pet house is ready for cat ,small dogs ,rabbits ,chicken birds

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