Introduction: HOW TO MAKE Poptart Notebooks-Back to School DIY-Weird School Supplies

Poptart Notebooks:


-hot glue gun

-3 notebooks

-red fine sand

-pink and white silicone frosting or 3D paint

-fabric scissors

-multiple clay colors that match the sprinkle colors on the hot fudge sundae poptart

-Some brown clay. I used some clay that had dryed up, and crumbled easily

-Tacky glue

-Clay gun, exactoknife, fabric scissors and a needle tool

-Brown 3D paint

-Tan, dark brown, white, beige, and red felt

-Soft pastels and paintbrush

First to make the poptart, take your dark brown, tan or beige felt and trace the length of your notebook, then fold the piece of felt on that line, adding a bit extra space for where the glue is going to go. Then cut out the excess.

Then use a rolling pin to prevent both sides from sticking together, and glue the two ends together. Now trace a rectangular slighty smaller than your brown piece, that will serve as the cream inside the poptart. Cut it out and cover it with tacky glue. Than fold it gently to insert it inside your felt tube and carefully stick it along the edge.

Now measure the length of your poptart on your notebook, leaving a space on the top where we will cut out some bite marks. Then fold the excess at the bottom. Cut out the corners, then glue both layers to close it.

Use your needle tool to make little holes all around the poptart except on the top where the bite marks are. Don’t bother making more than one row since the rest will be covered in frosting!

Then cut out the bite marks with your fabric scissors, making sure that all the layers are lined up, so they all have the same shape. Insert the number of pencils you will want to use with your notepad, then use this as a guideline to glue the top of the pop tart, again carefully lining up all the layers.

Now you can glue your poptart on your notebook, first gluing the left side, than the top and bottom, and finally the right side.

Now to decorate your poptarts, first paint on the outline of the frosting section, with your white or pink frosting, or 3D paint. You could also simply use a piece of felt to make the frosting too, and then glue on the decorations and sprinkles. Once you’ve evenly spread the frosting, you can stick on your cookie bits, sprinkles, or sugar particles.

To make the sprinkles, either use your clay gun to make multiple snakes of clay at the same time, or simple roll out little snakes of each color by hand. Than bake them for 15 minutes and cut them into little sprinkles. These sprinkles are very useful and cute so you can make a lot of them and save the rest for later! Than place your sprinkles on your frosting with some tweezers.

For the cookie bits, I simply crumbled some dryed up brown clay into little pieces with my fingers and my exactoknife, than baked them for 15 minutes. If you don’t have any dryed up clay, you can simply bake a snake of brown clay for 15 minutes, than cut out little pieces with your exactoknife. Than you can spread them on your frosting!

For the cherry pop-tart, simply sprinkle on some red sand by tapping gently on a spoon.

Let dry your pop-tarts overnight! Once the frosting is dry, you can a chocolate drizzle on top of the hot-fudge sundae poptart with some brown 3D paint! Then let it dry another day!

Step 1: