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Here's how to prepare a playing card, so that it will appear to magically travel from one hand to the other.

You will need:

  • a playing card no longer in use
  • a drinking straw
  • approx. half-a-metre of dark colored cotton
  • a pair of scissors
  • a roll of sticky tape

Step 1: Adding the Straw

With your scissors, cut a piece 4cm. (1.5 inches) from the end of your straw (1st. photo).

Take a small piece of sticky tape (2nd. photo), and fix the piece of straw to the back of your card (

Step 2: Adding the Thread

Tie a loop in one end of your thread (1st. photo), making sure that the color of the thread is similar to the top you'll be wearing (2nd. photo).

Feed the other end of the thread through the straw as shown in the 3rd. & 4th. photos.

With another piece of sticky tape fix the end of the thread to the back of the card (5th. photo).

Step 3: Preparing to Perform

Place the loop in the thread around your middle finger of one hand (1st. photo).

The middle finger of your other hand goes through the large loop being made by the rest of the thread (2nd. photo).

Wrap the thread around the first finger of the same hand (3rd. photo).

Let the card drop (4th. photo), take the card with your right hand, and pull it along the thread so there is very little thread between your right hand and the card.

Step 4: Amaze Your Audience

Hold the card in both hands (1st. photo).

Drop the card (2nd. photo), and move both hands away from each other.

The card will travel to your left hand (3rd. photo).

Catch the card with your left hand (4th. photo), and watch the faces of your audience. They'll be amazed.

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