Introduction: Make the Spots Change - Magic Trick

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This is a really easy magic trick to make and perform.

A card showing one spot on one side, and four spots on the other, change to show three and six spots on either side.

You will need:

  • 1 x piece of cardboard approx. 75mm x 120mm.
  • 7 x round stickers (contrasting colour to the card)
  • 1 x ruler
  • 1 x pencil

Step 1: Marking Your Card

Photo 1: With your pencil, place two marks in the spots shown. You may wish to use your ruler to line them up together.

Photo 2: Flip the card end over end (not sideways), and place five marks as shown. Once again, using your ruler will keep the marks in line with one another.

Step 2: Placing the Stickers

Photos 1: & 2:

Place one sticker over each of the marks - two on one side, five on the other.

Step 3: Learning the Trick

Photo 1: Starting with the two-spot side, cover the end spot with your thumb. It will appear as though there is only one spot in the centre of this side.

Photo 2: Using the same side, cover the blank space with your thumb. It now looks like you're holding a card with three spots.

Photo 3: Turning the card over, cover the single spot to have it look like a four.

Photo 4: By covering the blank space, it will look like a six.

Step 4: Practice

Photo 1: Hold the card as shown, with your right thumb covering the end spot.

Photo 2: Place your left thumb under the card, so that you cover the centre sticker on the other side.

Photo 3: Turn your left hand over to show four spots on the other side.

Photo 4: Place your right thumb under the card, so that you cover the blank space on the other side.

Photo 5: Turn your right hand over to show 'three' spots.

Photo 6: Left thumb under, and turn your hand.

Photo 7: Show 'six' spots on the other side.

When practicing, start slowly and repeat the sequence about 10 times.

You'll find yourself getting faster and faster, as your brain recognizes the pattern you're feeding it.

When you're comfortable, show family and friends, but don't let them handle the card unless you want them to know your secret.

Have fun preparing and performing this project. I welcome any questions, comments or feedback you may have.
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