Realization of a special strap for Android Smartwatch to be used on the fingers.

A Smartwatch with a screen that is too large to wear on the wrist, can instead be used as a mini-PDA smartphone. I made an elastic strap of the right size to put it in 2 fingers, thus having access to the screen with your thumb ...

By using voice control and voice writing a lot, the need to use the small keyboard can be kept to a minimum but maintaining total control via the display.

Being equipped with WiFi and data (GSM / 3G / 4G ...), I can safely work as if it were a Smartphone, I am always connected with all my Apps always available.

Having also the front camera you can easily make online video calls. The good battery, its waterproofness and impact resistance make it ideal in leisure time, such as on the beach or while doing sports.

Used material:

1. Elastic band, with original strap width and length according to my fingers 2. Needle and sewing thread 3.Smartwatch, purchased on the web

Sew the edges of the two ends of the elastic band with the fold to create the channel for the pin; use the original pins as if it were a normal strap.

* you can also wear it with the screen upwards to always have it on view

Design by giovanni giobbi vona

Step 1: Cut and Sew

Step 2: Strap Length According to Your Measurement

Step 3: Mini-smartphone