Introduction: Habanero Guacamole

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In this small, and i mean small isntructable, i will try to teach you how i make this lovely and hot True MEXICAN Guacamole.
Ingredients for 2-3 people eating tacos or any other thing are as follow:
Soy Sauce 1 Spoon
Onion, 1/2 1/4 or 1/3 depending on tomato size.
Tomato 1 complete.
Complete avocado or 1 1/2 if you want,
4 lemons.
Salt about 1/4 1/3 of of spoon or to taste.
1 habanero or 2 if you want more burnt mouth feeling.

Remember the tomato be ripe, a live red, no yellow green spots, feel a bit hard and not to tender.
The onion must be a pearly white
For the best taste the lemons must show a strong green with a bit of yellow about a 1/4 of it for more taste and juice on the inside.
the Avocado you can get a black one with green spots (not mature enogugh) just get it on a newspaper (roll it inside) to make it ripe.
and the habanero.
the best size for this small is the about an inche and a half and must be a shiny orange goingg to red like a grapefruit sort of to be real tasty and fiery.

Ok, now
  1. squeeze the lemons onto a\the bowl
  2. chop the habanero really small, and depending on how hot you may want it add or remove the seeds, and toss it in the lemon juice, this will make the lemon get the taste and work as an infusion
  3. chop the onion really small also, this will help to taste the onion and not having 1 cm or 1 inch onion bites which will ruin the flavor, also toss it on the lemon with the habanero and mix it by shaking the bowl a nit, dont use a spoon, using a spoon will "torear" bull the habanero making it hotter and with less taste, the lemon will also "cook" the onion and habanero making them tender and tastier
  4. leave them for 5-15 min depending on your hurry, after this time add a tablespoon (i dont know if its, this one, the spoon you use for soup)
  5. chop your tomato on a nice size we dont want it to be too small nor too big, keep it at around 1cm which i believe its the size i normally do and add it up, along with around 1 teaspoon of salt or i believe 1 quart of a tablespoon or a bit more depending on taste.
  6. the avocado cut in half, with a karate chop using a knife take out the bone, and you may smash it on another bowl or not, since i dont like washing the dishes i did it on the same bowl.
  7. mix it up and you are done.
For a final tip, something i missed on the photos which i now notice.
Slice up a complete onion and get it on a container with lid, squeeze lemons on it, shake and use in an hour or more, this is an awsome side dish for tacos ;)