Introduction: Hack Your Jack-o-Lantern

This Instructable is about introducing/encouraging kids of all ages, and those new to electronics, to hacking electronics. It's inexpensive, a lot of fun for a small amount of effort, easily interpretable into other remote control ideas and teaches hardware hacking and recycling as you can use old RC Cars and toys.

Step 1: What You'll Need...

1 Plastic Jack-o-Lantern container

1 working RC vehicle which will go left, right, forward and backward.

ANY material that is thin, easy to cut to size and stiff. We used perforated circuit board.

Glue Gun

Basic tools such as small screwdrivers, razor knife/scissors, pliers, etc.

Step 2: Remove the Shell From Your RC Car...

Remove any tiny screws holding the shell on.

Keep this shell for any other 'bots' you will make in the future!

Step 3: Cut Perforated Circuit Board to Size...

Create as much of a wide and sturdy base for your Jack-o-Lantern as possible.

Step 4: Glue Your Base to the RC Car...

Make sure it remains level.

Step 5: Glue Jack-o-Lantern to Base on RC Car...

Make sure it's level and evenly distributed.

Step 6: Fill It With Candy and Go!

Race them with your friends or create a Halloween Race Course!