Introduction: Hair-Machie Mask

This is another version on how to create a mask, but this one involves man's best friend (kind of). I wanted to make a smaller, more rodent-like mask so I came up with this design.

1. Model with face (I used an old Mickey Mouse bank ;) )
2. Tin Foil
3. Flour and water for paste (optional: food coloring):
4. Markers
5. Oven and timer
6. Spoon and container
7. Scissors
8. Handful of dog fur (Easy to obtain when you have two dogs in the house)

Step 1: Make the "rodent"

1. Preheat the oven to 335 degrees (F).
2. Place tin foil on model's face and press (make sure to get as many details as you can).
3. Slather on a fresh batch of "paper-machie" paste (aka "rubber mixture").
4. Take small clumps of fur and press it into the paste. Continue to put the fur on the paste while making sure to keep the details of the face.
5. After you've furred the face, peel off the foil (carefully) and place it in the oven. Set the timer for 10-15 minutes.
6. After the "mask" comes out, let cool. Trim the foil away, but keep the backing foil of the mask.
7. Color/Decorate the mask (I used markers to make a fuzzy little face, which will later be "bloodied").

Hope you've enjoyed these instructables, cause I'm tired now and need some rest :)
Make your other versions of wicked masks to scare the kids (add horns, fangs, etc.)....