Introduction: Glow in the Dark Hairband

This is one of the crafts we made during instructables built night, and we are glad to share this fantastic experience of playing chibitronic with you, this hairband is made together by me and Ellice. I want Ellice to be safe during her way home, and Ellice loves beautiful things, so together they made a hairband that could shine in the dark, and turn off when the environment are bright enough. While walking/riding on the dark street, the shining hairband may raise drivers' attention, be the light in the darkness!

Step 1: Build a Parallel Circuit

Here we want to build a parallel circuit, as power on, three LED can shine at the same time. This tutorial of parallel circuit give a clear idea how parallel circuit work. Follow the tutorial, we find a paper and attach the copper line with double side tape, and mount three LED on the top of copper line as showing in the picture. notice that the LED has polarity, so if you want them shine as the same time, make sure their cathode are all connected with one copper line and anode with another.

Step 2: Make Circuit Responsible to Light

By attaching a light sensor, you can control the brightness of LED by light, you can either made it brighter with MORE light or made it brighter with LESS light, it is just little modification with the circuit, here gives me a very clear view of how to connect them.

Step 3: Cover the Circuit

Cover the circuit with additional paper we left, and a little hole for light sensor and LED, to make it can response to light properly. bend the copper line so that it can touch the negative side of the battery.

Step 4: Mount It on a Hairband

We made the whole shape as a line so that it match the shape of hairband, the bending of the circuit might let the surface of LED detach from copper line, adjust them to make sure every LED is functional, and let's made some flower to make it beautiful. Cut some petals with paper, surround LED with petal. Finally, wrap the pedal to make it more like a real flower.

Step 5: Be Bright and Be Safe!

Oh yeah! we made our very first chibitronic projects, and it is a lot of fun! Thanks Greg for hosting the event, and there a lot of different sensors and effect for us to try out! Ellice can't wait to try another one... for someone want to build a little bit more advanced project, they even got Attiny85!
What do you want to build? Can't wait to see more project coming out, and thanks for watching!

One more thing, to see the dairy of Ellice -check out her blog.