Introduction: Haku Lei

Easy instructions to make a Haku Lei!

Step 1: Measuring and Separating!

Measure around your head with a measuring tape or basically just ballpark it. You should then gather many flowers and leaves and a very long piece of yarn, you will continuously need to use more and more string in the process (if you run out tie another one onto it). Pull flowers from stems or separate bunches and lay out your chosen flowers and plants.

Step 2: Cutting

Prepare flowers by cutting them and making sure they have about a one inch stem. It’s easier to line them up in front of you in small bunches within arm’s reach and grabbing extra as you go.

Step 3: Braiding and Tying

Choose three strips and join them together by tying a knot at one end.

Braid the three yarn strips until you have about four inches. To do this, cross the right strip over the middle strip. The right strip becomes the new center strip and the center strip is now the right strip. Next, cross the left strip over the middle strip. The left strip is now the new center strip, and the center strip is the new left strip.

Step 4: Add Flowers!

Holding either one strand or two strands of yarn in one hand (whichever you feel more comfortable with), use that hand’s thumb to hold down one flower/flower bunch/leaf/at a time, while using your other hand to wind the remaining strands over to hold it down.

Step 5: Repeat! Make a Pattern!

Repeat adding flowers and wrapping yarn around them to secure them in place. Continue to do so until all flowers are used up or you have reached the desired length. You can create a pattern or just use random flowers and leaves.

Step 6: Finish It!

To finish off the lei, tie a knot using two of the pieces of yarn. braid the three loose pieces of yarn until you have about 4 inches of yarn. Tie a knot to the end and the lei po’o is finished!.