Half H Puzzle

Introduction: Half H Puzzle

The Half H puzzle is a puzzle which was created by Vesa Timonen and is usually made out of wood.

I have created a 3D printable version of this puzzle which is quick and easy to print. The goal of this puzzle is to use all seven pieces to make the shape of an upper case letter H. The solution for the puzzle requires you to think three dimensionally :) The images show how to set up the puzzle (this is not the solution there is still one piece to be added the link below shows the solution).

Step 1: Making the Puzzle

Like I have said the version of the puzzle I have created is 3D Printed using the demotions which can be seen in the images.

This puzzle could easily be made out of any other material using the provided dimensions or changing them to make a bigger or smaller version of the puzzle.

You need to print/make:
2 x Red Piece

3 x Green Piece

2 x Purple Piece

I have also provided the STL files I created so if you own a 3D printer you can download them and try the puzzle out.

Step 2: The Setup

The puzzle should be setup using the related images as a reference.

Step 3: Solution

Like I said the solution for the puzzle requires you to think three dimensionally enjoy! :)

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