Introduction: Half Skeleton Halloween Makeup

Welcome! I created halloween makeup where one side of your face is normal and fully glammed. The other side is a creepy looking skeleton. I used basic makeup like foundation, eyeliner, setting products, eyeshadow, concealer, and lipstick. If you are looking for some halloween make up to recreate for halloween then this is for you. Happy Halloween and Enjoy!

Step 1: Apply Foundation and Draw a Zig Zag Line Down Your Face

Step 2: Apply a Light Concealer And/or Facepaint on the Skeleton Side and Set

  • make sure you cover your eyebrows as well
  • if applying concealer, make sure you apply until that side is completely opaque.
  • set with translucent powder..apply all over the concealed side.

Step 3: Use Liquid Eyeliner to Draw Cracks Down Zig Zag Line and Draw Skeleton Eye Socket

  • you can get creative with the cracks
  • make sure the skeleton eye socket covers your eyebrow as well

Step 4: Create the Skeletons Nose and Mouth

  • draw a line from the corner of your mouth to the side of your face angled in a smile.
  • draw a line above that line and a line blow the line in the same angle.
  • draw lines through the middle line to create the teeth.
  • make the teeth arched on the top where the "gums" would be same with the bottom row of teeth
  • use black eyeshadow and shade the top of the mouth and bottom of the mouth
  • draw a black triangle on nose

Step 5: Time to Work on the Normal Side!!

  • Set underneath eyes using setting powder of your choice
  • Fill in your eyebrows using eyebrow product of your choice
  • create a eyeshadow look..i used a brown eyeshadow with rose gold color in the corner
  • apply lipstick and eyeliner and you're finished!!

Step 6: Video Tutorial

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