Introduction: Half of the World!

Hello! Well this is a project of technology class, which is part of the “Te Prometo Ecuador” campaign, since because of the Covid 19 we cannot travel to places and visit them, I decided to recreate one of the wonderful things that Ecuador has, “La Mitad del Mundo” , before visiting other countries we should start with ours, and see the incredible monuments that we have, I decided to recreate this monument, since it seems to me one of the best things that Ecuador has, this monument is in Quito, I invite all Ecuadorians to get to know this beauty; (obviously after the Covid 19) , I have always wanted to visit this place, since it look magical and wonderful, maybe one day I will have the opportunity, even while I have the opportunity to appreciate it from my project

Steps to create this,

-Create the grass with the ceiling

- Create the monument with the help of the cube

- Place the sphere on top of the monument

- Create the entry with the help of the cube ( making it a rectangle)

- To make the sign you need the “Text” and then you put the cube stretching it so it look like a rectangle and you can put it like a sign stick.










Step 1: The Grass

To create the grass, we are going to need the ceiling first, we are going to make it green, then we place three rows leaving a space in the middle for the entrance as we can see in the photo, we repeat the process four times. until we get to the center, we leave a space for the monument to go there and we have to leave space to place a row more horizontally as we mainly did

Step 2: The Walls

To make the walls we are going to need the brickwalls, we are going to place them guiding us by the edges shown on the floor, the walls can be gray, black, white, the color you want the most.

Step 3: The Monument

Well, in order to do this, it is very easy, all we will need is the cube and the sphere. First we are going to stretch the cube so that it looks like a big square, that is going to be our base, then we take a cube again, and we stretch it so that it looks like a fine rectangle, we place it, and then the cube again we stretch it up so that it looks like a small building.

Then we take the cube again and crush it to make it look like a small, thin rectangle, we repeat the process for the other corner as we see in the photo, and for the middle one we place a cube and stretch it so that it looks like a thin and rectangular base, then we repeat the process only this time we make it a little thicker and smaller and place it on top, again we take the cube and stretch it up and for the sides getting like a large building shape, (you have to notice the difference in size between the other 2 buildings and the middle one)

Finally we take the sphere and place it on top of the middle rectangle and to finish placing We love a cube by stretching it so that a very fine rectangle is visible and we put it on top of the middle rectangle so that it looks like decoration.

Step 4: The Entry

For the entrance we will only need the cube, we place two cubes leaving a space to be able to put the path later, when we place the cubes we have to stretch them up and make them a little thin so that it looks like two straight lines, then we take another cube and we stretch it equally only that this will go on top of the previous ones so that it looks like a door (you can choose the colors that you like the most)

Finally we take three more cubes, two of them we lengthen and stretch to make it look like the edges of the path, and the 3 cube we make it thicker so that we can place it in the middle of the previous 2 and the path looks more realistic.

Step 5: The Egg

To make the egg, we are going to need the sphere and the diamond, first we place the diamond in the center of the path, then we place the sphere so that it is a little smaller than the sphere, so that it looks more realistic and cute.

Step 6: The Sign

To make the sign we are going to need the text, we place the text, and we write ¨Half of the World¨, then we upload the sign so that it is centered on the entrance, the sign can be any color you want.

Step 7: The Decorations

To make these decorations that simulate the precautionary sticks so that people cannot pass, we are going to need the cylinder and the scribble. First we place 7 cylinders in front of the monument so that it looks tidy, then we take scribble and make it as a curved line, and we place it in the middle of the sticks, and if you don't want to repeat this process you can only select the curve and put copy and paste and repeat the process until you get a result like the photo.

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