Halloween 2013 MTF Reptilia Makeup

Introduction: Halloween 2013 MTF Reptilia Makeup

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Watch me transform from male to female reptile "reptilia" as I like to call it. Using 3 liquid latex prosthetics I made at home for under $10 and basic makeup you too can wear this look. Very different and unique look for Halloween or to perform. Hope you guys enjoy this look and I will be working on more looks.

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    Thank you, I always use The glue to hide the eyebrows so I can start with a blank canvas. I have hooded eyelids and have to create a new crease with makeup. in this video I used the glue because liquid latex will stick to your hair and not come off so the glue acts as a shield/protector against the latex. Hopefully I answered your questions and did not confuse you...lol, thank you again


    9 years ago on Introduction

    My goodness you are talented! Can you explain why the use of the glue? Is it just so the make-up doesn't move with the hairs? You use is in all the videos I've watches so far and I'm simply curious. :)