Introduction: Halloween Costume - Washer & Dryer

This is how I made our Halloween costume for a family of four. We made a washer and dryer, with a tide detergent box, and dirty laundry hamper. All for under $25


Things you’ll need

White paint or white duct tape
A clear bowl
Printer (or you can hand write the labels and brands I put on the costumes if you don’t have a printer!)

Those are only for the washer and dryer + tide box. If you’d like to add the dirty laundry, just grab a cheap circular hamper (I got mine for $1 at Walmart) and grab a few clothes you have laying around.

Step 1: Cutting and Painting the Boxes

We decided to first paint the boxes. We had some spare white paint laying around, and painted two large U Haul boxes white. You could also wrap with white duct tape. We also painted a medium box orange at this point. We let dry for about 15 hours. And then we cut out a place for our heads, and our arms.

Step 2: The Headboard

We took a piece from an additional white box we painted and taped a long length piece behind the white box. We then printed some washer dryer base board labels, and added our own turn dials from our washer and dryer at home, by poking a whole through and securing them down with tape.

Step 3: The Base

For the base, we cut a small measured hole in the mirror, and popped through a small clear plastic bowl through the hole and secured with tape. We then added some clothing inside, and taped and secured them in with clear tape. After, I decided to print some labels and brands to make it more detailed. I added the energy star seal, and whirlpool brand symbol. Get creative! You can add anything at this point. If you don’t have a printer, you could also hand write it!

Step 4: Tide Box

We did the same thing for the Tide box. We printed some labels that looked identical to the Tide detergent box we had at home! We also added some cotton balls to the top to make it look as though some detergent was spilling over.

Step 5: Dirty Laundry Hamper

This part is super easy! Just grab a cheap laundry basket, cut a hole through the bottom. If the hole doesn’t keep the laundry basket up (it didn’t for us), we added some rope and tied to the top, and then pulled them over the shoulder to keep up. We secured some clothing with tape on the inside, and it was good to go!

Step 6: Final Finishes

At this point, you’re pretty much finished! You can take this time to add any finishing touches. All in all, it takes about a day. Only because you need the paint to dry, if you use duct tape it may only take a few hours! Such an easy fun costume, and perfect for a little budget!

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