Introduction: Halloween Flameless Candles

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I have seen similar melted looking candles floating around and so I had to give it a try.

Step 1:

The supplies I needed for this one was PVC Pipe (making sure it was large enough for a tea light to fit in), glue gun and glue sticks (lots and lots of glue sticks), white spray paint, acrylic paint in black and brown, and if they are for outside then a clear spray paint for outdoor furniture helps.

Step 2:

I first cut the PVC pipe in different sizes and found that I liked the top to be at a slight angle. I gives off more light that way.

I then used my glue gun and dripped a lot of glue down all sides of the rim. I found that if you make a huge blob in one spot it doesn't do much "dripping" so I would add another blob just below the first and so on. It took a bit of practice to figure that out but I the more glue I added the better.

Step 3:

Next I sprayed them down with white spray paint

Step 4:

I put scrunched up paper in the base for the tea lights to sit on.

Step 5:

Now time to mix up the "dirty" wash of black and brown. Paint all sides and make sure to get the paint in the cracks. I wiped down the paint a bit so it didn't get blotchy, and added another coat.

Step 6:

A few down a few to go.

Step 7:

Once it is all dry, add the tea lights. If they are to be outside, a protective clear spray will keep the paint fresh.

Also a nice find I came a across a few years back was Tea Lights that have a timer. I have so many props that need little lights that turning them all on and off became a pain. They are a bit more expensive but worth not dealing with the trouble.

I ordered them via Amazon (and will have to order another batch for this year. They last about 2 seasons - I also sharpie the date on the bottom of them so I don't have to guess which ones will be the brightest).

The link for the type of Tea Lights I use.

Step 8:

Here is a few used for my Entryway lamp post.

Have fun!!

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