Introduction: Harry Potter “Enchanted Flying Keys”

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This is a project that I have had on may "Crafts to make" list for a while.

My sons and I begin reading Harry Potter this last winter and will be beginning book 4 shortly so I thought it was a good time to get this one done.

Plus my youngest son loves the keys so I thought they would look great in his room.

Step 1:

Gathering up the supplies for this one unfortunately for me took some preplanning.

The keys were ordered via Ebay from a company based in China (which means the shipping time takes forever). I have found keys randomly in my search for other supplies but the ones I found were really heavy. The set of keys that I ordered had the most ornate heads and came in a set for $5.

The other supplies

Dollar Store: Craft butterflies (for the the wings), fall sparkly fake leaves, a costume head clip for the tulle, and a roll of ribbon I found that had silver looking leaves, Metal wire, and colored thin metal wire (for jewerly making), fishing line (thin), and little key rings

My Glue Gun

For my Hanging purposes: Drift wood, Eyelet hooks, fishing line (thick), key rings

And the Books "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: The Illustrated Edition" and "Harry Potter: A History of Magic" for the illustration inspirations

Step 2:

So for each Key I looked at the size and worked with what materials I had. The larger keys worked great with the larger parts of the sparkly leaves once I cut them down (following the veins and kept in the space of a wing).

I used thin metal wire to wrap the base of wings to the key. I tried at first with the glue but of course they didn't adhere to the metal of the keys.

I used the butterfly wings in full and some I altered. One set I took the silver ribbon and cut the silver leaves off and glue gunned them to the shape of the butterfly wings. Both on the inside and out.

I also tried the metal wire with tulle and I found some old gold glitter pipe cleaners and made wings out of those as well.

It was all trial and error and what I ended up liking.

Step 3:

With all of the different keys all wired up and ready to go, I needed to next at the thin fishing wire to hang them.

And for Book reference

The new Illustrated versions of Harry Potter are incredible!!

I started reading the series last winter with my boys. These books are the original text but are illustrated by

Jim Kay and they are breathtaking!! He has illustrated the first three and the forth should be out by 2019.

The images really pulled my boys into the story and they love looking at all the pictures. (We would read the book then watch the corresponding movie). The books kept them interested.

I will include the amazon link to "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: The Illustrated Edition"

if anyone is interested in checking them out.

Step 4:

I tied each key with a thin fishing line (8m) and left a lot of extra line on each end.

I tied the side with the heavier key handle end first then looped the extra through the base and then tied the other end of the wing. I then took the two side and tied them together between the wings making a triangle to allow for the key to be hung horizontally. I would fiddle with the knots on which way the key would hang (flying downward or upward) and triple knotted it.

The end of the line I tied to a small ring (think small thin key ring - or anything that would allow for easier hanging). Make sure that you allow for the keys to be hung at different lengths. I would finish one key and hang it then once I was ready to tie the next key onto a ring I would measure it to the first and so on.

Step 5:

With each key finally done, I wanted a way to hang the keys that was easy and portable since my son wanted them hanging in his room (but I also wanted the flexibility to re hang them in another place if the situation presented itself).

I chose to attach them in a mobile style. I used a piece of driftwood that I had. I attached small eyelets that I open up to make a hook. I could hook each key on the hooks but still be able to take them off. I then used thicker fishing line to attach to the wood and tied it to a keyring at the top.

Now it will hang from the ceiling with ease.

Step 6:

That was actually a pretty easy project which only means I would love to make more. I would love a whole ceiling full of different versions of these keys. But one project at a time I guess!!

Have fun!!

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