Introduction: Halloween Gasmask

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Here is an easy DIY using household materials. This mask only costs about $0.10

Step 1: Materials

To make this you will need: knife, glue, cardboard, and a plastic bottle.

Step 2: Optional Materials

A file and lighter are not mandatory but are really useful for the mask.

Step 3: Cutting Prep

Take your sharpie and draw a circle around your plastic bottle.

Tip: Place you sharpie halfway down the bottle and spin the bottle for your line.

Step 4: Making It Comfortable

Use your knife to cut on the sharpie line. You can use the lighter and/or file to make the surface of the bottle smooth and flat.

Step 5: Eyes

Take a strip of cardboard and make bends in it at length intervals. Then glue the ends together.

Step 6: Eye and Mouth Hole

Use your knife to cut out eye marks in a paper towel depending on where your eyes are placed on the mask. Then cut out the hole for your bottle.

Step 7: Making the Mask Wearable

Cut a hole on both sides of the mask and insert string into those slits and burn the end of the string.

Step 8: The Last Step

The last thing you need to do is glue your eyes to the paper towel.

Step 9: How to Put On

To put the mask on you first have to slip on the mouth piece and then slip on the paper towel over it and tape it. This mask works best with a hoodie on to pull over. This mask also looks better when the plastic is spray painted.

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