Introduction: Halloween Glitter-Fall Face Mask

It's almost Halloween! You know what that means, matching your face mask with the festivities of course! Staying safe and looking festive can go hand in hand with a little help from this instructable!

This instructable is all about making a Halloween glitter-fall face mask that is fashionable and protective. The term glitter-fall is self explanatory, and really easy to do with a couple key ingredients. Let's get started!


-face mask

-sewing kit (needle, string)


-a marker to mark on the plastic bag

-halloween themed glitter

-clear soap or clear glue

-sheets of plastic, I used a gallon sized ziploc bag

-clips of some sort, I used hair clips, to hold the plastic together

-hair straightener

-parchment paper or foil

Step 1: Cutting the Plastic

So the first step to creating this mask is cutting and sealing the container for the glitter. For this step we'll need the scissors and a marker. You'll want to lay the ziploc bag (or plastic sheets) over the already fabricated face mask and draw its outline on the bag.

Next you're going to cut out the mask outline from the ziploc bag (or plastic sheets). Cut out the marker lines so they aren't visible on the mask.

Step 2: Sealing the Plastic

Next we are going to use any sort of clip to hold together the two pieces of plastic we just cut out. This will make it easier to seal them together.

Put a piece of parchment paper under a side of the two sheets. Put just enough paper to make a sealed edge that you can later sew onto the mask. Fold the paper over the top sheet.

Run the straightener over the parchment paper thats being held onto the mask. I suggest using a low heat at first and turning it up if it doesnt seal the two sheets.

Move the parchment paper around the sheets to seal all the sides except one. We will use this open side in the next step.

Step 3: Pouring in the Glitter and Goo

For this step we'll begin with choosing a glitter. Any glitter will do, just no glitter glue glitter, the consistency is too thick. Pour in as much glitter as you'd like, theres no set amount. I used some glitter I found at Michaels.

Then pour in the choice of goo, clear soap or clear glue. Pour in enough so that you can spread the glitter around the pouch but not too much so that it protrudes from the pouch.

Step 4: Sealing the Last Side

After you pour in the choice of goo, seal up the last side of the pouch like how we sealed the rest of the pouch.

Now you have sack of glitter!

Step 5: Sewing

The last step to completing the mask is sewing the pouch onto the mask. Poke the needle through the parts you sealed and not where the goo is.

Once you finish attaching it, it's time to show off your new creation!

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