Introduction: Halloween Light

This is a pretty lantern to make for halloween decor.

Step 1: Making the Base

You can use a wire clothes hanger or any other bendable metal to make the base.

Step 2:

Cut 6 inch and a half pieces

Step 3:

You will need this tool

Step 4:

measure the wire circumference to make sure the wirewill fit the jar

Step 5:

Use this tool to make sure it is a perfect circle.

Step 6:

Sauder the circle closed

Step 7:

sauder the inch and a half pieces to the circular piece

Step 8:

Make another circle slightly smaller

Step 9:

Sauder it to the other end of the stick things

Step 10:

Cut more sticks for more support

Step 11:

Bend them into an angle you like

Step 12:

I give up

Step 13:

sauder it so it makes this

Step 14:

more bending

Step 15:

This will be your bottom support

Step 16:

pain the jar however you like

Step 17:

Put a candle in it after it is dry

Step 18:

set car on stand. And you're done

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