Introduction: Halloween Mixed Media Bottles

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If you are new to mixed media, this technique is so creative. You can use items that you have laying around your home to decorate just about anything. Recently I decorated a Jack Danials bottle into a lamp using a "The game of thrones " theme and it turned out awesome. So the next project was these Halloween Bottles. This technique is so easy to do when you see how it is done.

Step 1: Bottle One

To achieve this look you will need vinyl decals. These can be purchased on Etsy or if you are lucky enough to have a Cricut or a Silhouette vinyl cutting machine you can make your own. There is so much detail on these bottles that if I have to explain every element this instructable will go on forever. I have added up-close photos of each bottle, it is easy to work out what I used. Alternatively, I am happy to answer and questions.

Step 2: Making Your Images on a Cricut Machine

All the graphics used in this project were free downloads off the internet. Pixabay is my favourite. For customised decals contact one of the many sellers on Etsy many are happy to make decals to order. Mine was made using a Cricut explore air 2. Find the images that you like and turn them into SVG files which are straight forward using a free online programme called Inkscape. Add the images to design space and cut them onto permanent vinyl, mine was Oracle 651. Weed the excess vinyl and then using transfer tape, transfer the image to your bottle.

Step 3: Making the Flower

The flower was made from the shells of pistachio nuts. Using a hot glue gun start by glueing 4 shells in the centre and gradually work your way out. I was too lazy to paint all the nooks and crannies on this flower so spray paint worked great.

Step 4: Added Elements

To duplicate the decoration on this bottle you will need. Offcuts of burlap fabric, plastic mirror, mesh from an onion sack, rhinestone mesh, twig from a grapevine and some charms. I am now a mixed media addict so I have a small box full of charms which can be bought in bulk from China. I also use many items found around the house. All the charms are glued on using E6000 glue or similar.

Step 5: Paint the Bottle

Paint the bottle and all the elements using black gesso. To highlight the decals you will need bronze wax paste. Using your finger rub the wax over the decals first. Then add a light coat to the rest of the bottle. To highlight the elements you can also add a random bit of colour using the bronze wax paste.

Step 6: Bottle Two

This bottle was made up of lots of bits and bobs I had laying around at home. I will show you the main features you may need to zoom in to see all the small elements.

Step 7: Add Texture to the Bottle

Find an empty wine bottle and add a thick layer of craft glue. Using paper towels, napkins or toilet paper whatever you have at home. Apply the paper towel to the glue and push it down and around to make creases. Apply multiple layers for more texture. Use items like cardboard, burlap, leather, mesh and rope just to name a few.

Step 8: Making the Elements

These can be bought but I wanted to try and make my own. Using silicone moulds and plaster I made the frame and skull. The frame was to fine and broke when removed from the mould. But for this theme, it worked out well. They were painted with acrylic paints. The image was added to the mirror using temporary tattoo paper. Instructions are available on this Halloween Mirror project. All the elements were glued on the same as before.

Step 9: Add Colour to the Textures

Paint with gesso as before and highlight the raised surfaces using the coloured wax paste. I wanted to try and add more colours to this bottle which I did using wax pastes that I made myself. To see how Here.

Step 10: Bottle Three

For this bottle I used and empty plastic vinegar bottle. I did add some sand to the bottom to stop it falling over all the time. I changed my mind many times with this bottle, I added the melted wax. But took it all off and added elements like the other bottles.

Step 11: Add Fabric Texture

Add a thick layer a glue to the bottle. Using scraps of fabric, mine was an old pillowcase. Push the fabric onto the bottle and make some creases by pushing the fabric around with your fingers. Let the first layer of glue dry first, a hairdryer works great for this. Once dry add another layer of glue over the top to stiffen the fabric. The process for applying the elements was the same as the other bottles. Battery operated lights or candles can be added to the bottles for added effect in the dark on Halloween night.

Step 12: Bottle 4

This bottle was my first ever bottle, which turned out so pretty I turned it into a lamp. You can find the tutorial here.

Step 13: More Halloween Projects for You.

If you are looking for more Halloween ideas, you may like these cute Halloween figures made from shot glasses. Or this cute Halloween wreath that lights up. Or visit my website for some great unique DIY projects Please feel free to share my project, every share counts.

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