Introduction: Halloween Monster Cup Lanterns

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We were so pleased at the response our DIY Mummy Jar Lanterns got, including being FEATURED by the instructables editorial team, that we decided to share another one of our simple DIY Halloween creations early!

These Monster Cup Lanterns are made with plastic cups wrapped in tissue paper but you could also use crepe paper or even coloured cups to save time...

Happy Crafting!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

What you'll need:

Step 2: Wrap Your Cups

NOTE: If you are using coloured cups skip to Step 3!

  • Size up the piece of tissue/crepe paper that you need and cut to size.
  • Put a small piece of double-side tape (or a dollop of glue) at the top and bottom of the cup and stick your tissue paper down.
  • Carefully wrap the cup in the tissue/crepe paper, taking care to fold over the bottom neatly, and stick down.

Step 3: Make Your Monsters!

  • Use the felt-tip to draw on your monster faces and bring your cups to life
  • You can make them as simple or as complicated as you like... If you're struggling for inspiration you can copy our designs - we don't mind!

  • OPTIONAL: If you're feeling particularly crafty you could cut out the design, as you would a traditional jack-o-lantern, with a craft knife to make the lanterns even more ghoulish!

Step 4: Finally Add LED Candles

  • Pop a couple of PK Green LED candles under each completed monster cup and hey presto... Monstrous Halloween Cup Lanterns!

You can buy our battery operated LED tea light candles in a range of colours, including spooky green especially for Halloween, over at and right now all our LED candles are on sale!

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