Introduction: 'Radioactive' Halloween Jelly

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Item number 3 in our Halloween DIY series is this fabulously spooky 'Radioactive' Jelly!

It may look like it's a biohazard but this glowing jelly is completely safe, edible and super quick to make. The kids will absolutely LOVE it, especially if you're having a 'Zombie Outbreak' or 'Quarantine' themed party.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

What you'll need:

Step 2: Prepare for Radioactivity!

NOTE: It's important to ensure that you use SUBMERSIBLE / WATERPROOF tea lights for this project!
  • Firstly, give your waterproof lights a wash to make sure they are safe to be in contact with food - this is especially important if you have just bought them
  • Turn on the lights and pop them in the bottom of the jar or bowl

Step 3: Prepare and Add the Jelly

  • For speed and convenience we bought ready made jelly, but you can make your own (for cost-effectiveness we would recommend making your own if you are having a large party!)
  • Whip up the jelly to make it look as sludgey and slimey as possible!
  • Pour into the jar/bowl

Step 4: Turn Off the Lights and Admire

  • If you're using jars, pop on the lids and you're done

There you have it. Super quick and easy 'radioactive' jelly that every Halloween party guest will go crazy for.

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