Introduction: Halloween Notepad

EASY, no need to be super crafty, just follow the steps! Need a cutter, scissors, place to sit comfortably.

This can be made for all styles, just check the method and put whatever you want to decorate it.
1. Gather papers, including cardboards and little images
2. Print some images on special papers (here an old French Book)
3. Make a special cute bag and tag so it makes a nice present

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Here are 10 steps instructions for you to follow (plz excuse if my English is not perfect, I'm French)

you need : scissors, cutter, 3 A4 cardboard pieces (black, grey and textured for the cover), and one A4 colored normal printer paper (orange).
Gather some other stuff to create your Halloween style (internet images search will help).

1. Take a long piece of cardboard paper, like the grey one. The dimensions are not important, it just has to be as long as you want to make the 4 pages + a lil' bit more to fold in the end (this folded part will be inside the notebook, to hold it to the cover). For this one I took a A4 sheet that I folded and cut in 2 long parts, and I took one of these parts.

2. On your long piece of grey cardboard paper, first, fold the side piece like the first photo. Around 1 cm large.

3. Once it's folded, you're gonna fold the entire grey part in two, not considering the 1 cm side piece that you've done in first step (aka you fold the paper like if this side piece is NOT part of the paper). Means you fold it once in 2, placing the cut side along folded side.
Then fold it again in two.
This part will make 4 pages the same size, just like the second photo, and still, there is the folded little side.

4. Take some other normal orange paper and cut 8 pages, a little bit smaller than the size of your 4 grey pages.
For this, take the size of your grey pages, mark it on the paper, cut it. Then gently take of some of the sides, one by one, until you have the right "inside" size for the orange paper. Make 8.

5. Take a piece of black cardboard papier, place the grey + orange pages inside, like photo 8. Once again, think that you will leave a border, around 1 cm, on the side. So place the pages on a corner, with a 1 cm distance.

6. Cut all along the black paper, to make a long piece that you will use to cover the whole. Don't adjust the lenght right now, just cut all the lenght of black paper, of course still including the 1cm border at the top, as at the bottom.

7. You have the long black paper placed, take a ruler : you're gonna need it to fold correctly.
As in photo 10, keep the grey folded paper inside to know the exact position of your folding : you dont want the dimensions to be too wide or too thin.

a. Fold once to create the back cover. Then look exactly how height make your grey paper + your orange paper : once assembled with glue, they will look the same and it's important your cover has the right size for the spine.

b. Fold the spine following your paper's weight of your paper(s).

c. Fold again to create the front cover. At this step, you can now cut the black paper to take off what's left unused of it.

8. Take off 2 corners of the small folded side on the grey paper, it will help to assemble it after.

9. With a cutter, you're gonna make a long cut all along one of the folded side of the spine, in the black paper. In this long cut, you will slide the small folded side of the grey paper.

a. Take a ruler, think again to leave borders uncut on each side (around 2 cm, you will adjust this perfectly once trying)

b. Find the right lenght of the cut by trying to insert the small folded side of the grey paper in it.

c. Leave this too pieces inserted in each other. If needed, place a piece of tape along the small grey folded piece so it sticks to the black paper. This will not be visible in the end of the notebook.

9. Keep the grey and black paper assembled. You want it all to be fold in the final aspect of your notepad : grey paper inside, black paper outside, with still the small folded side of the grey paper visible outside.

10. Choose some textured paper that will be the cover of your notepad. Traditionnal "scrapbooking" papers are very good for this, but you can take whatever you want as long as it's thick paper : the cover has to be nice a pretty, sturdy enought to last long.

Your gonna follow exactly the same steps with this textured paper as in for the black one in 5. / 6. / 7., with the ruler. The only difference is this time, you don't leave any border. The textured cover paper has to be the same dimensions as the black paper.

Also, to help, you can glue the piece one after you fold it. The small folded grey side will "disapear" at this stage, it's between the textured paper and the black paper, now invisible.

a. Glue the back piece
b. Fold 2 times for create the side of the spine
c. Glue the spine, wait for it to dry good
d. Glue the front, cut the paper

It's really important to follow these steps by cutting the paper AFTER folding. When folded, and depending on the paper as much as the glue, the dimensions slightly change. When the folding is done and the glue dry, you can adjust with scissors.

Here it is, it's done! You just have to assemble your pages and small papers. Of course, you put the inside of the pages (orange ones), and add :
- pieces of journal, old book
- images you print yourself (I used a Polaroid PoGo mini printer on these photos)
- and I did print with my regular printer on old book pages, it really gives a good "old" aspect to the final
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