Introduction: Halloween Pallet Fence

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This was my first big pallet project. I am by no means a carpenter so the idea was a bit daunting. The main reason I was determined to take on this project was to provide a safe walkway for kids to take up to our door on Halloween night. The previous year I had little ones run across the lawn (even though I had tried to rope off the area). My biggest fear was that someone could trip on a extension cord or a decoration and get hurt.

So the collecting of pallets began.

Step 1:

Now locating pallets is not as easy as it sounds. Pallet projects have become very popular so you have to be the early bird to get them. I started at the local Hardware locations and asked if they had free pallets that I could pick up. They stated that they put used ones at the back for people to pick up (but they get snatched up quick).

They use them for delivery at most large stores so I was able to ask around to see the best places to get them and finally started my collection.

Step 2:

Now I thought that ripping apart the pallets would be easy or at least not to much trouble!! Ha!!! What a pain!!! You very quickly start to realize the "Good pallets" from the "Bad pallets".

Good pallets are the newly made ones with very few nails or screws holding them together. Also the wood that isn't splitting in places. The Bad ones look like they have made the rounds (though they look old and creepy which is a nice idea for a Halloween fence), they are just not worth the trouble. Ripping them apart leads to broken pieces that you can't use and wasted time trying to get out all the extras nails.

I used a crowbar and a heavy-duty hammer (thank you husband for letting me abuse your tools). I read that some people saw the nails off but I actually wanted all the metal pieces out just in case (little hands and sharp metal pieces on the fence had me concerned).

Random note, I found that if I started on the nails at one end of the board then worked on the middle section on the same board it made the other end very easy to remove. After the first few I found a rhythm to it and before I knew it I had quite a pile of boards.

Step 3:

Because I am a visual person, I needed to see how long I needed the sections. I placed the boards in basically the shape I was hoping for.

Step 4:

The next step required a run to the Hardware store to purchase the long railing pieces. I had a few longer pieces but not for the whole fence. I also need posts for the corners. The husband gave me the sizes of lumber I needed. I picked up 10 2x4's 8ft in length and 2 2x2's. I used standard deck screws (we had bucket of them so might as well use them).

I did the placement of the boards that I liked and screwed the top and bottom. I lined up the next set side by side to make sure the bracing boards would be at the same height and that the bottom fence boards were even as well to make sure to would stand up on the grass at the same height as well.

Step 5:

And up goes the fence. And thanks to the husband that helps with the pounding in of the posts.

Step 6:

And the fence is in. I plan to add more sections next season but it is a good start.

Step 7:

Here are some panoramic images I took of the fence done with my decorations added.

Step 8:

And for an extra image. This is Halloween night. I lined the fence with string lights.

Now our Halloween Trick or Treaters have a clear and lit pathway to safely walk up to our door and receive their goodies!!!

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