Halloween Paper Snakes




Introduction: Halloween Paper Snakes

This is one of my favorite Halloween crafts and we filled our wall with them this year.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials:

12”x12” scrap booking card stock paper with patterns-choose a variety!

Adhesive jewel eyes (or markers)

Soft surface such as a folded newspaper, a magazine or fun foam

Blunt pencil, ballpoint pen or a knitting needle


Step 2: Draw

Place the card stock pattern side down on a padded surface.

Use blunt pencil to draw a curvy line that winds and curves itself starting at the top corner of the paper to the opposite corner of the paper.

On one end of the line draw a triangle shaped head.

Step 3: Cut

Trim the paper ½” on both sides of the line, tapering the cut at the bottom to make the tail.

Step 4: And Pinch

Flip the strip over and pinch along the scored line and the snake will start to curve in on its self.

Add eyes.

Attach them to the wall with removable adhesive (I like 3M removable foam squares).

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    Question 4 years ago

    Did you make all the snakes in all the photos in this instructable? I am just curious because they seem so different than the one you show how to make.


    Answer 4 years ago

    Thanks for the question. Yup-I made all the snakes.

    Is there a specific difference that you see? Perhaps I simplified the instructions too much?

    The more S curves you draw on the paper- the more curves the snakes will have....and the longer the snake will be.

    Also- different weights of card stock can change how easily it is to pinch the crease line- the example snake is a lighter weight paper.

    The orange one on the lower left is the closest in shape to the example snake, though I made the example with a less dynamic paper than the snakes in the big picture so that it wasn’t too distracting.


    4 years ago

    Such a simple but clever idea. I really like this, thank you for sharing the technique!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks! It’s super simple but has a real pow effect.