Introduction: Halloween Platter

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This is a healthy Halloween platter for a party or just to make someone smile.

Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment

• 1 medium carrot
• 1 small chunk of cucumber
• 1 new potato
• 1 whole pepper
• 1 pot of humus
• 75ml olive oil
• 200g lettuce

• A knife
• A peeler
• A frying pan

Step 2: Carrot Witches Finger

• First of al, peel your carrot.
• Next cut off the biggest end to a size that suits you.
• Now cut out a small triangle of pepper and stick it on with some humus.

Step 3: Jack O' Lettace

• First cut out the middle of your pepper (the section where all the seeds are).
• Now cut out your Pumpkin face, you can creat your own of just use mine for inspiration.
• Next stuff your pepper with lettuce and stand the pepper upright.

Step 4: Humus Dip

• Next use the back of your pepper as a humus dip by filling it with humus.
• Now cut up the cucumber into small slices and stick in the humus dip.

Step 5: Scary Potato Slices

• First cut your new potato in 4mm thick slices.
• Now cut out shapes into the potato slices, you can do letters or faces, the choice is yours!
• Now place your slices into a pan with oil on full heat.
• Once the potato slices are done they will be a dark golden brown (See the picture above).
• Place the slices on some kitchen roll so that they don't rate oily.

Step 6: Finished!

Now you can enjoy your amazingly awesome Halloween platter!

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