Introduction: 3D Jack O Lantern

Her are a few renders of my pumpkin, decorate your computer with a scary Halloween screensaver, enjoy!!

Step 1: Pumpkin Segment

I wanted to give my pumpkin more depth than height for that authentic look so i made the radius/diameter larger than its overall height.
Looking at a pumpkins i estimated that they are made up of around 15  or over segments, i decided to make my segments 20 degrees wide for creating a rotation  feature to produce a total of 360 degrees/18 segments when it came to the assembly.
I then created a 3mm fillet around the edge of the segment to give it definition and a realistic look.
Use a shell feature for that hollowed-een effect, chose the two vertical sides and i gave the segment a thickness of 30mm to produce a good fleshy effect.
Segment Complete!!!!!!

Step 2: Assembly

Open a new assembly and place the segment in the assembly and create a circular pattern. Again as each segment was only 20 degrees wide i only needed to make the revolve contain 18 parts to complete the 360 degree circuit.
For the appearance and for rendering purposes i gave it a textured rubber appearance and an orange olour.
Using a section view you can see the hollowed effect.

Step 3:

I created the Green handle by first of all drawing three different sized quadrants on three different planes and using the loft feature.
You can fillet the edges if so desired.
Next open a new assembly and arrange four of the pumpkin handle in an appropriate manner, i used the mirror component as it produce an uneven finish which looked well with the overall finish.
Once assembled, insert this assembly into the pumpkin assembly produced earlier.

Step 4:

On a plane that dissects the pumpkin draw the scary face keeping it centered on the pumpkin.
Next cut extrude the scary face to beyond the exterior of the pumpkin outer skin.

Step 5: Light the Pumpkin UP!!

Light the pumpkin by inserting a point light source, how dim or how bright you want is up to you, just use the available options to be sure it is positioned at the centre of the pumpkin.
You can also play around with the external light source and the backgrounds for a better rendering effect.

Jack o' Lantern Challenge

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