Introduction: Halloween Cyborg 1/4 Mask

The shell of this mask was made in the same way as my Plague Doctor mask.
To decorate the mask I wanted a bit of a steam punk  look with wheels and cogs.
I also had a colour changing LED that I incorporated into the design.
Thinking about a cheap or free source of cogs and gears I thought of disposable cameras.
A visit to my high street photo lab provided me with a free bag of used disposable cameras.

Step 1: The Materials

As with the Plague Doctor mask the shell  was made from papier mache usinggummed brown paper tape, this is cheap and easy to use. The tape is used in picture framing so is usually available from art and picture framing suppliers.
The other materials were the used  disposable cameras.
The cameras were pulled apart to get to the mechanism the lens from one camera was used for the eye.

The disposable cameras usually have a built in electronic flash - this can have dangerous high voltages.
Even if the battery has been removed  the capacitor can hold a charge for a long time.
Please be careful of the flash circuit when opening the cameras.

The 'rivets'  are actually dry split peas stuck on with glue.
I  aerosol paint - black and gold colours.
Saw dust for creating texture.
Key ring LED light - the one I used is multicolour - it cycles through reg green and blue.
Self amalgamating rubber tape for binding the LED key ring to the eye piece.

Step 2: Construction

As with the Plague Doctor mask the shell  was made by wrapping my head in cling film food wrap (leaving my mouth and nose uncovered) and building up a layer of Gummed brown paper tape.
My original idea  was a different design but i changed it to a quarter mask with just one eye covered.
The mask shell was sprayed black and before the paint had dried I sprinkled it with fine sawdust to create a rough texture.
I made an oval tube from the gummed tape to form the eye turret.
When dry the sawdust was sealed with another layer of paint.
The bits of single use camera mechanism were sprayed gold apart from the lens and lens holder.
The lens holder was black with a grey retaining ring, I left these as they were and just glued into the lens tube.
The LED keyring was bound to the underside of the eye tube with self amalgamating rubber tape.
The various bits of old camera were glued in place on the mask.
I added some lines of 'rivets' by sticking on dry split peas.
An elastic strip was glued inside to hold the mask on.
A little bit of retouching with spray paint and it was finished.