Introduction: Halo 5 Pathfinder Helmet Prototype Part 1

This is going to be split into multiple separate Instructables, so kick back, relax, and somewhat enjoy this first part.

Step 1: Why Would I Do This?

Why else would anyone do something like this? I want to bring something from a video game to real life. 'nuff said.

Step 2: Materials and Tools Needed:

A pencil
Tape (preferably clear)
Retractable craft knife
Tape measure
EVA foam
Hot glue gun (forgot to take a picture, but i'm sure that whoever is looking at this, that you know what it looks like)

For an optional head cast:

Plaster Cloth
Bucket/tub of warm water

Step 3: Bad Screenshots

The pictures above were only cropped and uploaded to a computer. I've found that this is not the only thing someone should do when attempting this project, that you should not use screenshots from a video game directly, because they are very, very dim.

Step 4: Photoshop-Edited Screenshots

I highly recommend using either the above Photo-shopped screenshots (if you have Photoshop), or the ones in the next step. The only difference between one or both types of screenshots is; the pictures above are in a Photoshop format, while the ones in the next step are in a JPEG format. If you don't know what JPEG is, try looking it up online or in a dictionary.

Step 5: Good Screenshots

JPEG images are the more widely accepted and used image format, due to its user-friendly accessibility, as well as its' universal use on almost every platform.

Step 6: Making the Outline

Get the front screenshot and place it near you, then grab a piece of cardboard that has a crease in the middle of it, or make a center-line. Then, either cut out the larger part of the screenshot and trace it on, or freehand the pattern onto the left side of the center-line.

Step 7: Cut, Fold, Trace, and Cut

Now, when you're sure the outline looks good, take a pair of scissors or a retractable craft knife and cut out only the outer lines, but don"t cut on the center-line yet. Be warned, it gets a bit tricky in a few areas. Then, trace the outline onto the other side. Cut out the right outline, and BE CAREFUL! Like I mentioned earlier, there are a few places that are VERY fragile.

Step 8: Trace It Onto a Piece of EVA Foam

Trace the cardboard cutout onto the foam, then cut it out the foam piece. Then, use a hair dryer and put it on high, and evenly cover the surface of the foam. Then, bend it the amount you want it to be bent, then take the top of the loose strip and hot glue it to the bottom of the left and right edges, so that it looks like the third picture above. For finishing touches, hot glue any valleys (inward dents) on the backside, which should be the diamond-pattern side.