Introduction: Hamster Climbing Frame

A fun obstacle any hamster will enjoy. Watch your hammy explore the tubes, climbing frames, hide-outs etc.

Step 1: The Materials

these are all the material you will require:

paper mashe glue

Popsicle sticks

toilet paper tube


news paper


Step 2: Paper Mache Popsicle Stick Walls

first, arrange 10 sticks next to each other

Secondly, put layers of paper mache on one or two sides (you can choose). Make seven walls

Thirdly, let it dry completely

Step 3: Preparing the Tube

Cut a hole in a toilet role tube

make sure your hamster can fit in the tube or in the hole

Step 4: Ladder

add a lader using popsicle sticks and two sewers.

stick it to the tube

Step 5: Create Walls

Hot glue the insides of the walls to get a rectangle. You can also hot glue the walls to make it more stable for your hamster

Step 6: Rectangle

Create another rectangle, but this time have the front glued with mesh wire so your hamster can climb up to the top. Then cut out two pieces of cardboard and stick them onto the top of the two rectangles.

Step 7: Slide

Create a small hamster slide by cutting out a cardboard piece and them taping the top with clear tape. Taping the slide ensures the hamster slides down.

Step 8: Sticking Them Together

Glue the cardboard toilet role including ladder to both rectangles so your hamster can climb through it.

Step 9: Small House

create a small house using popsicle sticks and glue them together with a small cardboard piece. Then attach it to one of the rectangle's.

Step 10: Finished Product

How your hamster can have fun a play in his/her hamster castle!