Hamster Wheel Halloween Decor

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I am doing a Edwardian theme this year. I had this old hamster cage hanging around, so I tried to figure out to create something for Halloween. This is what I came up with.
What you will need:
1. Hamster cage (if you have a hamster just steal from the little guy for a couple of days)
2. Orange tissue paper
3. Black lace
4. Old tin muffin holder. They literally everywhere in the thrift
5. Plastic spiders from dollar store.
6. I added an necklace piece to add a modern touch
7. Fish net
8. Led light
Step 1: Glue gun tissue paper around hamster wheel
Step 2: Glue gun fish net across tissue paper. Don't add to much, because it looks gawdy
Step 3: Glue gun metal tin
Step 4: Add necklace piece
Step 5: Add spider and arrangement you like
Step 6: Lay lace in any design you like. I glued gunned to the back piece so it won't spin
Wait till dark, place a couple of led in and see you antique effect. I actually love it.

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