Hamster & Guinea Pig's Bedroom (castle Rarther)




Introduction: Hamster & Guinea Pig's Bedroom (castle Rarther)

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Things you need to build it.
1. a plastic food storage
2. a piece of wood
3. Anything cute you want to attach to the castle

Step 1: Stone Age Method

Heat knife on a electronic cook top or use matches?
A little while, you will see the knife turning into red.

Step 2: Divide Plastic

Take adventage of the hot, use knife to cut plastic box. Do it gentle.
You may need to heat knife several times in order to cut all.

Step 3: Stick Them

Then, we need stick those cut thing together. Here, heat plastic will give a sharp better and firm result than super glue.
Stick is just the same when we divide it. Use knife to heat those to be sticked surface, heat it into soft (tender), and put 2 soft edge together. once done, rince by water. Those soft places will stick firmly.
I found a plastic roof and stick it to others by the same method.

Step 4: Make Up

That's what I get.

Use some sticker to beautify it.

Step 5: Raise the House Up

Find 2 bottle. Use a sharp knife to cut it. We need ust the bottom.

Attach the bottle to wood by screw. I rise the casstle to make it away from possible urine.

Step 6: Attach to Wood

Use super glus to attach all together.

Step 7: Newbie's Work Is Done!

The bedroom for my little Moony. The balcony on 2nd floor is for another small hamster.

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    13 years ago on Step 4

    Doesn't the cat try to eat the little guy? Or do they get along?


    13 years ago on Introduction

    If thats for a guinea pig, they need WAY more room. Even if they are just guna sleep in it for the night. >.<


    13 years ago on Introduction

    I thought it is a guinea pig? It looks cute though!


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Cute, the hamster looks, cozy in there. (p.s. it's spelled castle, on the title did you mean, castle rather).