Introduction: Hand Made Pallet House for Rodent

This house is perfect for your furry little friends(rats/mice/hamsters), why not treat them! Making a house like this will be a dream come true for them! So follow the steps to make your very own version. Without further ado, let's get in to itπŸ€


#1hand saw
#3 tape measure
#4 drill
#5 hammer
#6 scrap wood (pallet)
#7 pencil

Step 1: Let's Make It!

First of all, gather your scrap wood and cut 4 planks of wood all 9 inch long and 5 and a half inch wide. And cut one panel to 7 and a half inch long. Then you add all your planks together to form a rectangular shaped box next you add the 7and a half inch long panel at the back to block the other side ,leave one side clear to work as a entrance ,now your result should look like this

Step 2: Finished Result

Then sand the wood(optional)
This is a very simple little rat house to add to the cage my rats love this product. I always find them sleeping in it 🀘
For this you only need things that you probably have in your household already and obviously a scrap pallet, these are easy to get hold of from local factories e.t.c
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Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy making your own rat house!

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