Introduction: Pizza Rock Oil Painting

Hi, today you will learn how to make a pizza rock!!. This is perfect for your garden or even to use as a door stop


1#A pizza shaped rock (triangle rock)
2#paint brushes
3#oil paints
4# cloth

Step 1: Let's Clean Our Rock

Now we want to make sure our rock is clean (no mud or clay)

Step 2:

Step 3: It's Painting Time!!

Now let's paint !!. First we need to make sure the rock is dry before we apply the paint,for the base I will use "Rattan yellow" paint after you've added the paint to the top of the rock (the crust) of the pizza

Step 4: Now for the Cheese 😋

I will use rattan yellow mixed with titanium white!for the cheese . Iwill let the paint dry for 20 minutes then add the pepperoni's.

Step 5: Painting on the Pepperoni's!

I used brilliant red for painting on the pepperoni's and now I'm gonna add some jalapenos !

Step 6: Finished Results!!

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