Introduction: Space Themed Rock

Hi,today you will learn how to make a space themed rock!!.

Step 1: Let's Paint!!

So I'm gonna start to paint I will start to add dark blue at the top and light blue at the bottom, so once you've painted it you must leave it to dry for 20 minutes

Step 2: Let's Decorate the Sky Above the Sea

Let's add a moon 🌒.we must draw a circle on a piece of paper then cut it out with some scissors ,then paint your circle gray or if you don't have gray mix black paint with white paint

Step 3: Add the Moon to the Sky

Next add the moon to the sky by placing your on the back then laying it flat to the rock leave until dry then should look like the picture 😁.

Step 4: Now the Stars!!

I used yellow paint and white for the stars

Step 5: The Finished Results!!

These pictures are the finished result !. Thanks for reading untill the end and enjoy making your own sea and sky themed rock.please favourite my item,follow and vote for me in space speed challenge!! .Bye bye for now

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