Introduction: Hand Lamp

This is a cast iron Hand Lamp. The arm started as a wax positive from a life casting done in alginate and plaster bandage. From there a hole was cut into the center of the palm (of the wax positive) to allow the lightbulb socket to become lodged in what will be the final setting in metal. A smaller hole is cut to allow the toggle switch to pop through at the elbow joint. Using the lost wax casting process, the wax positive is burnt out of a high temperature ceramic shell and I am left with a hollow negative of my original wax arm. Next, add molten iron and let sit. Once cool, the raw iron product is chipped out of its ceramic shell, chased with files and grinders, and finally treated with a combination of an oil finish and ferric nitrate for aesthetic rust. -For any cast iron needs, contact the MassArt Iron Corps!

The wiring of the lamp was a piece of cake-

The black rubber socket is available at home depot(and inexpensive, as well as a variety of switches.

I used a toggle switch in the lamp above also inexpensive.

Lastly, a few pieces of lamp wire can be bought, cut, and connected to the switch, socket, and power source with electrical tape to prevent any live wires touching the metal casting.

Lamp cord used in this piece-

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