Introduction: Hand Made Pencil Holder

Making a homemade pencil holder is something that can be fun for anyone, and the following step by step instructions will allow you finish it in no time! I use these a lot for my daughter’s colored pencils to keep them available and organized.

Step 1: Assemble the Needed Tools.

For this step we’ll get together the tools needed. You’ll need a drill, a tape measure/ruler, 2 drill bits, tape, a marker, sand paper, paint/stain and safety glasses.

Step 2: Select a Length of Wood.

The length you need depends on the amount of pens/pencils you would like it to hold. For this one, we’ll be using 12 inches of a 2 x 4 (actually measures 1.5” x 3.5”) piece of wood.

Step 3: Measure, Measure and Plot the Holes.

Now we’ll measure out a grid pattern for our holes.

First, we’ll measure 7/8th of an inch in from the edge on each side and make a mark on each end.

Next we’ll lay our tape measure/ruler and line it up with these marks.

Now we’ll make a mark at 1” increments, starting at 1” and ending at 11” on both sides.

Step 4: Now That We Have Everything Marked Out, We Can Start Drilling.

When selecting the drill bits, make sure one is close to the same diameter of the tip of the pen/pencils you’ll be using this for. Next, select the 2nd drill bit with a similar diameter to the body of the pen/pencil.

First, take the smaller drill bit and measure ¾” from the bottom up.

Next, use the tape we gathered earlier and put the tape on the drill bit at the ¾” mark.

Start drilling, but only drill to the tape. Do this for all 22 of the holes. This will keep our depth consistent.

Step 5: Now That Our Holes Are Drilled, We Need to Counter-bore Them.

Counter-boring is simply widening the top part of the hole to fit the thicker body of the pen/pencil.

Take the larger drill bit and measure up ½”(see last step).

Repeat the process with the tape.

Drill the holes again, being mindful to only drill to the tape line.

Step 6: Turn the Wood Over and Give It a Tap to Remove Any Excess Sawdust That Might Be in the Holes.

Then lightly sand over the holes to remove any loose or splintered wood.

Step 7: Almost Done!

You can now paint or stain the piece to your desired color/pattern. Be careful to avoid filling the holes! A light coat will suffice.

Step 8: Congratulations, You Have Completed Your Pen/pencil Holder and It Is Now Ready for Use!!!

Please note that these can be made to accommodate a wide variety of sizes and a wide number of pens/pencils based on the size of the wood being used. Just follow the same steps and you can make these to any desired size.