Introduction: Hand Made SpeedBall

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This was the perfect summer project for me affordable and with much use. I never owned a speed ball or trained with it in the gym but it is fun and awesome.

Anyway materials used :

- Cheap industrial leather if you can afford quality go for it =)

- Glue

- Heavy string for leather

- Normal string

- One shoe string

- Scissors and needles big and small ones


-As the leather wasn’t thick I didn’t need to put holes in it before stitching

-Choose your colors nicely I went with my theme black and red =)

Step 1: Template and Cutting the Pieces

Let’s Start

Use the template or draw one yourself to mark the pieces were going to cut. We will need 6 of them and for the bottom draw a regular hexagon (six equal sides 5 cm with six equal angles of 120 degrees between each side).and a rectangle of 8*40 cm which will be the attachment.

Now that all our pieces are ready use scissors to cut them leaving us with 8 pieces in total.

Step 2: Assembly : Glew and Stitches

Next thing glue

the sides by pairs it’s better to use wood glue but you’ll have to wait longer that’s why I used this type but it is messy and hard to clean.

Next we will start sewing the pieces with a typical two needles saddle stitches leaving a bit on less than 1cm free to join the bottom piece and more on the top for tightening string.

Now we glue the 3 pairs together and we start sewing like before with one left half open leaving enough room so we can put the ball later.

Almost done looks complete but we still have to do a little more touches.

Holding the pieces for stitching like that makes it easier and faster and use those laundry things to attach the pieces while they dry works like a charm

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Use normal

string to make the loops for the string and I added 3 washers on each side of the opening to protect the leather from the string as I couldn’t find proper ones for leather when I find them I ll change them for the looks and professionalism .

The only thing left now is the piece that will attach the ball to the swivel. I made it a little bit far from the swivel so don’t make the gap too big also the rectangular piece is folded in half making it 4*40 and it is sewed with saddle stitches drawing a rectangle for a strong bond from both sides.

Step 4: We Are Done


put the ball inside pump air and it looks alive. This is not obligatory but I added bits of fabric in the upper gap to shape the looks.

Have fun boxing this summer and share the knowledge

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