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When it comes to buying toys, some kids can be really picky, especially when it comes to stuffed animals. If your little one can't decide whether they'd rather have an owl or a penguin, instead of buying both, you can follow these instructions for a bit of DIY at home, and you'll end up with two for the price of one. We can sew this reversible plushie easily with socks. You can change the color of the socks or the felt according to your fancy. You have two stuffed animals in one and can have fun playing with both.

Step 1: Materials

2 socks in black and brown colors
fiber fill
4 black beads
felt in white, red and yellow
Eye shadow brown and pink color
Empty bottle
Black and white thread
Glue or Fevicol

Step 2: Stuffing

Turn the black sock inside out and trim out the extra threads and pull it over the plastic bottle.

With the help of a glue or fevicol, stick the fiber fill to this sock. One drop of glue for each ball of fluff is enough.

Don't need to cover the entire sock with the stuffing (the lower quarter to a third should be left uncovered).

Turn the grey sock inside out and trim out the extra threads and turn. At the place where the fiber fill ends, cut away first the lower section of the grey sock and then do the same for the black one.

Then pull it over the fiber fill into the black sock and the bottle. Then pull the bottle out of the sock.

Step 3: Sewing

Sew the two socks together along the edges, enclosing the fiber fill between them.

I use blanket stitch for sewing. Blanket stitch are used to secure edges and fix it tightly.

Take a piece of paper measure and draw the belly which differ according to the size of the socks. And draw the eye for owl.

Draw the pattern of belly and eye in the white felt and cut it out neatly.

Place the cutted white felt belly and eye for the owl in the black sock. Stitch all curve of the eye and belly using blanket stitch.

Finish the lower edge of the sock and belly together

Flip it to the other side of the grey sock. And sew it similar to the one before.

Step 4: Attaching Eyes, Nose and Legs

For the owl eyes, sew one bead on in the middle of each circle.

Make the noses for owl and penguin. Red felt for owl and yellow for penguin.

Cut the square piece of the felt, and fold it diagonally and again fold it into half and sew the edges.

Now place the nose into the midle down of the eyes. And sew it with the normal zig zag stitch.

Cut the four half circle pieces in the black sock for legs. And sew the owl and penguin legs with the blanket stitch.

Step 5: Make It Colorful

Use a cotton swab to apply the brown color eye shadow under the eyes and draw three stripes on the belly for owl. And make a blush for penguin with the pink color.

Step 6: Ready to Play

Now for the magic of flipping your two plushies back and front. I love how this turned owl into penguin it is very easy to flip and play. I sure Kids will loved this owl and penguin plushie.

Step 7: Photoshoot for Owl and Penguin

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