Introduction: Hand Sewing: Not the Type You're Thinking Of!

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This is my experience with sewing up my hand for fun (think: art). A party between a needle, thread, and the top layer of skin on your hand. Let's see how it ends up.
Warning: I am not saying you should do this and if something happens to you while following this instructable, it is NOT my fault. Having said that, enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

*Be safe: if there's blood you're doing it wrong!
You will need:
A needle
Thread of the color of your choosing
A hand
Alcohol to sanitize the materials

Step 2: Sanitize the Materials

This should be an easy step. Just pour the alcohol over the thread and needle once you're done threading them. Wipe off any excess.

Step 3: Start Sewing!

This is just like embroidery. You start on one side, stitch your design and continue until you feel it's complete. Unfotunately I'm not the best at embroidery, so my stitching is fairly simple.
Make sure to only push the needle in deep enough so that there's a thin layer of skin over it. Be careful not to rip the skin or you'll have to find another spot to place that stitch.
Caution: pushing too hard, fast, or deep will puncture the skin. Like I said before, if there's blood, you're doing it wrong.
Another thing to consider is that what this is is making tunnels in your skin to place thread through. If you remove the thread without ripping the skin, what will be left is a slightly raised tunnel. Not unsightly, but also not pretty.
Here's the link to the video of the red line on youtube:

Step 4: Completed Product!

This is what it looks like when it's finished. I just did this today (1/14/17) so I don't know how durable it is.
Update 1: Night of creation. Some of it pulled off of my palm, so I snipped it to prevent more damage.
Update 2: Night After. I added a new design. The line that partially fell off yesterday stayed the same. The part on my pinky ripped when I climbed a wall this morning. I guess it couldn't handle the stress I put on it.

Step 5: Removing

In the (slightly blurry) video provided in step 3, you see me threading through a red line. Near the end it got knotted and I couldn't fix it without ripping the skin. So I just pulled it all away. Peel off the ripped skin to make it smoother. Also note that this doesn't hurt, it just feels a bit funny. However, you're still making tiny rips in the skin, so when you wash your hand, it may feel like a small cut (hence the stinging).